How 6 Fast-Growth Software Companies Are Surviving in the Challenging SMB Market

These six companies have found methods to serve their customers well, all while enjoying a higher rate of growth.

When you imagine of internet-based forms, file sharing, competitive intelligence, marketing automation, to generate leads and social media management, you likely think about the giants. As the enterprise companies in those categories certainly have a foothold out there, there is another variety of companies who provide same services to the competitive and challenging SMB space and so are growing rapidly because of their success.

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How six months Paternity Leave Made Me an improved Entrepreneur

In 2008, I acquired a call from Andy Rubin, the former CEO of Android. He wanted my company, The Astonishing Tribe, to create the UI for Google’s first Android phone. THEREFORE I spent five months commuting between my home in Malmö, Sweden, and Mountain View. Throughout that time my partner became pregnant with this first child. I took half a year paternity leave when she returned to work. I also took 90 days leave after our twins were born.

Netflix announced on Tuesday that it’ll let employees take unlimited maternity or paternity leave through the first year of their child’s life. Microsoft quickly followed suit with the addition of a 12-week parental leave program (four paid, eight unpaid), and this can be utilized by either parent, to the prevailing eight weeks of what they rather disturbingly call "paid maternity disability leave." To Americans, these measures must seem amazingly progressive. To Swedes, not really much.

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How 7-Figure Entrepreneurs Effectively Manage Their Energy

As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to neglect our health and wellness and wellness because we’ve tunnel-vision on building our business. However, not paying attention to your wellbeing could cause you to burn up mentally, physically and emotionally over time … which is something I’ve learned from experience.

We put our hard work into creating something meaningful because we are able to taste the truth of our vision. Once you have a burning desire to bring a concept in to the world, it’s easy to just forget about your own wellbeing.

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Summer jobs certainly are a key part of growing up. For most teenagers, it’s their first taste of what it’s prefer to work – and if they are lucky, it offers them an opportunity to develop skills that stick to them throughout their careers.

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, which includes teamed up with the Citi Foundation to launch a free of charge youth summer entrepreneurship program called MakeYourJob, rounded up seven established entrepreneurs and asked them to talk about their summer job stories. Now, you want to hear yours. Reveal about your preferred or most remarkable summer job in the comments section below.

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How 9 Successful Companies Keep Their Customers

No-one loves to be dumped. But companies are blindsided each day by customers who leave them. Often, companies don’t view it coming: actually, 91 percent of customers leave without the explicit warning.

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To the entrepreneur, losing a person often seems personal, not really a statistic. However in terms of business success, startups now as part of your need to show not just that they are able to attract customers but they can keep them. Increasingly, investors look at customer retention to determine whether an entrepreneur’s service or product will ultimately flourish in industry.

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REVEAL: Would You Swipe Right for a Networking Opportunity?

We’re safely in age Tinder 2.0. The favorite app, that allows users to make moment decisions about potential dates by swiping right or left, has ushered in not just a fleet of similar dating apps, but a second-wave crop of apps that are taking the idea beyond dating and into professional networking.

The Finnish startup Meshly, which launched an updated version of its iOS and Android app today, is merely among the many startups positioning itself as the ‘Tinder of networking.’ Using location information, the service connects users to a variety of nearby work at home opportunities posted by other Meshly members.

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Tell Your Startup’s Story and Captivate Your Audience. Here’s How.

All entrepreneurs have, or must have, an elevator pitch. That pitch is their market hook, their story. What’s yours?

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

When successful brands record their core values, those values transcend the paper they’re written on: They move beyond mere mission statements and marketing strategies.They engage people in a full time income, breathing story of what those brands are a symbol of.

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Telling Your Story: 5 Rules for ‘Content Marketing’

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

With the recent upheaval in the internet due to Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, it’s difficult to learn on any given day which seo (SEO) strategy works and which doesn’t. But there’s one technique that’s still clearly "Google approved" and likely always will be: Content marketing.

Google has clarified that its long-term vision is to reward helpful, authoritative sites in the natural serp’s. That means it’s crucial for websites to supply valuable and informative content that may both build relationships with users and yield high rankings in the serp’s.

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Tell Your Own Story: Write, Market and Publish Your First Book

CAN I ask you an individual question? When you look back in the last five years of your lifetime, do you end up in the area you thought you’d be? Be honest. Perhaps you have:

  • Started that great business you’d in your mind five years back?
  • Finally obtained that healthy, vibrant lifestyle you imagined?
  • Forgiven see your face who hurt you so a long time ago?
  • Finished writing that manuscript you’d started?

If not, you will want to?

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The easy answer is, you’ve chosen never to. Your alternatives have led you exactly to what your location is today. But, don’t beat yourself up, as the best part is that another five years could be very different from the last five, in the event that you make a few changes now.

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Most entrepreneurs think they want VC funds to start out a business, however the reverse is often true.

Standing beyond the Mercy Virtual facility in St. Louis on an unusually cold fall day, I was on the telephone with two founders who were pitching me on a fresh blockchain startup. That they had a few customers plus some early traction, but nothing to point product-market fit. Yet, that they had raised $3.5 million from crypto investors within an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) to grow the team and build product. Remarkably, the $3.5 million they raised was non-dilutive, meaning they didn’t need to give up equity within their business the same manner you would need to through traditional capital raising.

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