Grocery-Delivery Startups Are Eating Up New Markets

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Online grocery-delivery startups Instacart and Relay Foods are eating up new markets.

Instacart announced this week a $44 million Series B financing round led by Andreessen Horowitz, bringing total funding to $55 million. The SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, Calif.-based startup happens to be operating in 10 markets, with plans for seven new cities by the finish of 2014.

Meanwhile, Charlottesville, Va.-based Relay Foods, which is targeted on local and organic grocery delivery, just announced its expansion into Raleigh, N.C. seven days after arriving at the nearby city of Durham.

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Grit Helped This Entrepreneur Hustle Harder — Even After a Rejection By Trump

‘Grit is every entrepreneur’s trump card,’ says Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder and Greylock partner.

Editor’s Note: In the brand new podcast Masters of Scale , LinkedIn co-founder and Greylock partner Reid Hoffman explores his philosophy on how best to scale a business — and at , entrepreneurs are responding with their own ideas and experiences on our hub . This week, we’re discussing Hoffman’s theory: to achieve success, entrepreneurs need an excellent idea, good timing, money and luck. But a lot more than that – they want grit.

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How 4 SMALLER BUSINESSES Are Winning on Pinterest

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

It has been a couple of months since photo-sharing site Pinterest was extremely popular in social media circles. Pinterest grew from seven million unique visitors in December 2011, to a higher of almost 20 million in April, according to website traffic analysis service While growth has leveled off, use has remained consistent.

Pinterest is beginning to deliver significant results for a few smaller businesses — even ones that are not necessarily visually stimulating. Sure, posting pictures that folks re-pin, touch upon or "like" might seem innocuous. But when you understand the foundation of the pin remains as a web link on the photo itself, the chance of driving visitors to your site becomes apparent.

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Gronk Assumes ‘Shark Tank’: ‘We’ll Dominate’

New England Patriot superstar Rob Gronkowski’s new streaming show matches entrepreneurs with all-star athletes. Allow games begin!

If you’re a fresh England Patriots fan jonesing for just a little Gronk in your daily life, we’ve got your fix.

While sadly, NFL superstar tight end Rob Gronkowski’s back injury could keep him off the field for Super Bowl LI, you’ll reach see him doing his thing tonight on a fresh show he produces and stars in called MVP (MOST EFFECTIVE Partner).

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How 4 Influencers Built Their Personal Brands From Scratch

Ever wonder why some entrepreneurs take their personal brands to another level and be household names?

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

In terms of branding, there are two kinds of companies: those that prefer to remain behind the scenes and let their companies do the talking, and the ones that outshine even the million-dollar companies they leave behind.

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How 23andMe Caused a Divorce: A glance at Unintended Consequences

Every company — startup, franchise, or conglomerate — includes a mission. But while employees and executives do what they are able to to check out that objective and stay true to it, sometimes customers have different ideas.

The latest exemplory case of which involves 23andMe, a company that delivers materials for at-home genetic testing. It’s a reasonably simple process: customers swab some cheek cells, mail them back and wait to listen to the results. The service is supposed to give people a far more in-depth look at who they are and where they result from. Unfortunately, it could unintentionally expose the DNA of the skeletons in a person’s closet.

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How 5 Companies Found an ideal Company Culture OF THEIR Business

Creating a great culture is similar to brewing the perfect sit down elsewhere. You take that first sip, and just know it’s right.

A whole lot of companies discuss culture. However, few truly define what this means with an environment which makes work feel less like, well, work. Instead, that environment ought to be a thing that adds satisfaction, happiness and motivation to each workday. It will provide purpose and direction.

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How 5 Entrepreneurs With Household Names Turned Failing Businesses Into Successes

How Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, and Walt Disney turned failing businesses into a number of the largest companies on earth.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It requires effort, dedication and a small amount of luck. Primarily, you need the proper business idea.

Take it from Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, who has seen a lot of his businesses, including Virgin Cola, Virgin Cosmetics, Virgin Cars and more fail. On the Virgin blog, he wrote, “I’ve been failing for provided that I can remember. Actually, I’ve been failing even longer than that — I fell over often as a baby before learning how exactly to walk. The pattern has continued into adulthood and my entire life as a business owner, and I’ve learned and loved every step of just how.”

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How 7 Great Moms Raised 7 Extraordinary Entrepreneurs

For most successful startup founders, it’s clear their moms have everything regarding their kids becoming confident, resilient, creative and fearless.

As you see Mother’s Day, do you wonder what, if anything, moms want to do with whether their kids become entrepreneurs? I researched this for a book I wrote, Raising a business owner: 10 Rules for Nurturing Risk Takers, Problem Solvers and Change Makers, and found that moms have everything regarding their kids becoming confident, resilient, creative and fearless. Listed below are the lessons seven entrepreneurs explained their moms used to shape their character, which resulted in their starting successful companies.

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How 8 Mom Entrepreneurs Succeeded at SMALL COMPANY Without Sacrificing Family

Entrepreneurship involves a whole lot of planning, writing, calculating, paper-filing, marketing and more. Each one of these eight moms achieved it all — with a youngster on her behalf hip.

But how did they do it? Looking after family is a significant and time-consuming commitment that leaves little physical and emotional energy behind for businesses. What’s more, many of these mompreneurs had full-time jobs if they began considering starting a business, compelling them to create major life decisions that couldn’t have already been easy on your brain or the heart.

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