END UP LIKE That Great College Roommate. Build Brand Loyalty in 4 Ways.

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

What’s the difference between an excellent friend and an excellent friend?

A good friend and I used to joke a good friend will need your call in the center of the night, escape bed and bail you out of jail. An excellent friend, however, will be sitting next for you in the detention cell saying, "Damn, that was fun."

While mentioned in jest, the analogy between great friends and companies shouldn’t be lost on entrepreneurs. Way too many startups create a brand and a culture by combining a catchy trademark, a buzzword-filled vision and an eye-popping color scheme, but skip the big picture. Instead, concentrate on developing your company’s customer relationships much as you’ll foster a friendship — not really a good friendship, but an excellent friendship.

Many folks are still friends with their first college roommate. Why? Due to the powerful experience both of you had the entire year you met. For many individuals, college provides their first occasion of living by themselves and being in charge of their life, all while being immersed within an exciting setting with scores of others undergoing a similar thing. It’s natural to bond with others under these situations.

If you would like to build unbreakable bonds with clients, consider treating customers just like a trusted college roommate. Below are a few tips:

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1. Make a memorable first impression.

First impressions are everything. Probably, you left a distinctive first impression with the fantastic friends in your daily life. Your exchanges were exciting and memorable, which is what drew you together. Your company’s brand ought to be believe it or not exciting in the first stages if you need to nurture a long-term relationship. You might not have the ability to control the precise circumstances when you meet your visitors, but you can execute a number of what to prepare the setting.

2. Are a symbol of (or against) something.

Together with your closest friends, you share common interests and passions, be it football, politics or a spare time activity like home brewing. While your company may sell something or service that customers want, so as to create a loyal following and encourage repeat customers, connect to their interests and passions.

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3. Grow together with your customers.

Good friendships are nurtured as time passes, by growing and becoming stronger through shared experiences. If you need to nurture an identical bond with customers, participate their lives. This will not mean filling their inboxes with generic email ads Instead be comfortably present through appropriate activity on social media. Keep your company’s website updated with meaningful and useful content that adds value to customers’ lives.

4. Change your customers’ lives.

When I reflect back on the fantastic friendships I’ve had, I see that my best attributes have already been enriched and influenced by the people involved. Great company brands do the same: They enrich and influence the lives of their customers. Without every company can literally change people’s lives, your business can have a positive influence on your own customers’ lives.

Ultimately, you are hoping that your visitors stay out of jail. But anticipate to be with them in spirit if indeed they decide to have a crazy and adventurous ride.

Perhaps you have had a distinctive experience with a company that prompted you to become loyal follower?

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