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Be ready for the Startup J-Curve

Don’t abandon your plan the 1st time things don’t go needlessly to say.

When you’re getting started as a small-business owner, you don’t always know very well what to expect. Particularly when it involves your own growth.

There’s a common myth regarding the progress of start-ups, says Howard Love, writer of The Start-Up J-Curve: The Six Steps to Entrepreneurial Success. Love speaks and writes from experience: He’s also a founder of both and

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In The Art of War, Sun Tzu wrote that "It’s more vital that you outthink your enemy than outfight him." Even after 2,500 years, this maxim continues to be so universal and relevant.

Sun Tzu warns against waging war with out a strategy or understanding what your ultimate goal is. Tactics aren’t strategy. Available world it’s common for folks to confuse both, because participating in tactics makes it looks as if you have strategy, even though you don’t. The very best leaders must first know very well what their goal is and work to build up unique tactics that will help achieve that goal. However they must also anticipate to change that goal, then employ new tactics to attain it.

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Greed or Fear: What Really Motivates Investors

Understanding why investors put money into businesses will help you work out who to approach and how exactly to start it.

During the period of building my business, I’ve raised money from many types of investors: capital raising firms, small investment firms, wealthy angel investors, angel groups, private lenders, and relatives and friends. I’ve seen first-hand how greed and fear sometimes motivate investors to behave in irrational ways. Learning more about these motivations will not only assist you to raise money, but also assist you to better manage your investors and understand the human side of financing a startup.

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Green Innovations Revolutionize Construction

A Bay Area company demonstrates the way the building industry could be a leader in sustainability.

A Green Economic Revolution is under way, led by entrepreneurs with green ideas for re-engineering the house construction industry. The pace of the revolution is exceeding all expectations as consumers seek out methods to reduce their costs while helping fight global warming.

We’re talking new means of designing buildings and locating them. These new buildings are employing services that place less pressure on the environment and that carry the sort of third-party certifications just emerging from institutions just like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a nonprofit organization that delivers a consumer product label certifying the business enterprise supports responsible forest management.

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Green Tech: Save the earth the simple Way

Make "reduce, reuse, recycle" a breeze with new gadgets and technology tips for your house, your gear, and the others you will ever have.

Presented by PCWorld

Becoming enviromentally friendly is in, but how easy could it be to accomplish? Many small changes that you may make in your everyday life will soon add up to a big effect on the environment–and you don’t need to buy a Toyota Prius to perform them. Oftentimes, it’s a matter to getting a gadget to accomplish the hard work for you personally. Here are ten actions you can take with technology to greatly help save the earth.

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Green Business: From Niche to Mainstream

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

As 21st century entrepreneurs, it really is hard to assume not building sustainability–for people, profits and the planet–into a fresh business plan. Sustainability and green initiatives are practically embedded in the DNA of several new ventures, with justification. Amy Townsend, Ph.D., president of the Sustainable Development International Corp., notes, "In today’s financial state, any improvements in efficiency–energy, water, other resources–can benefit the surroundings and underneath line."

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Griswold Home Care – Franchises and WORK AT HOME OPPORTUNITIES

Griswold Home Care may be the nation’s first non-medical home care franchise opportunity, and our matriarch, Jean Griswold, founded our company out of a genuine sense of need in her community. Her legacy of compassion and empathy has blossomed into probably one of the most successful and storied home care brands in the usa. Today, we certainly are a standout franchise opportunity in the $89 billion annual home care industry.

Why Choose Griswold?

Griswold Home Care launched a business and continues to create the typical for care and compassion.

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Green Technology: How Electric Vehicles (EVs) Will Push India Towards Cleaner Mobility

Vehicles contribute over 60% of Particulate POLLUTING OF THE ENVIRONMENT and over 20% of the Carbon Emissions. Clean tech & Switch to EVs may be the only way forward

You’re reading Entrepreneur India, a global franchise of Entrepreneur Media.

Environmental Cleanliness has two distinct and sometimes unrelated facts or dimensions. One linked to Carbon has slightly long run implications however has already been being manifested in severe climate events around the world. The other more immediate is Particulate Pollution and has already been choking cities, particularly in urban conglomerates including the NCR

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Green Power: A Low-Cost Boost to Your Brand and IMPORTANT THING

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

Running your business on green power might help the environment, nonetheless it may also be a low-cost way to build your company’s brand and its own profits. It has certainly worked for Scott Nash and his small chain of organic food markets.

This week, environmentally friendly Protection Agency released its most up-to-date lists of organizations that voluntarily thought we would use clean, renewable electricity. Solar, wind, and low-impact hydropower qualify as "green power." Corporate giants like Intel Corp., Kohl’s SHOPS, and Microsoft Corp. topped the set of the biggest users of green power by kilowatt-hours, because of the massive footprint. However, smaller companies dominate the set of companies that power their company with completely green energy.

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Green-Business Experiment: Crowdsourcing a power Upgrade

What sort of unique customer-donation program helped a little cafe purchase energy-efficient lighting. But will this fund-raising method gain traction?

Restaurant owner Arnie Sturham knew his growing business was a power hog. Operating in a 70-year-old building on Bainbridge Island, Wash., Treehouse Café needed $3,000 to retrofit part of its space with an increase of energy-efficient lighting. If the upgrade was done, the business enterprise stood to reap around $1,800 a year in reduced electric bills.

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