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Be Intentional About Diversity

Assess your business network and have: Are my circles as wide-ranging because they could be?

This article was co-written with Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI.

With everything going on nowadays, we thought it will be a great time to have a step back and discuss diversity, and more specifically, about diversifying your business network. Creating a truly diverse network isn’t only the right move to make, additionally it is the smart move to make. Because let’s be honest, differing people bring various things to the table regarding who they know and how they could be able to refer or elsewhere assist your business.

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Be Known for Not Skimping on CUSTOMER SUPPORT

Let’s state the most obvious: Customer support sucks mostly everywhere.

For nearly 30 years, business leaders have already been treating customer support as a required evil. When analyzing a P&L, it’s clear that customer support is among the largest cost centers so immediately it gets a target on its back for cost reduction.

Why isn’t customer support meeting the expectations of the buyer? Maybe the department is outsourced overseas, causing training challenges or a sense of disconnect. Maybe customer support telephone numbers are difficult to find and interactive voice responses (IVRs) are used, like Fort Knox, to keep folks from reaching a individual. Maybe representative training time has been cut. Whatever the deep cuts were, there is a very important factor for several, you have several customers who aren’t as happy and loyal because they could be. Seniors and generations more than them control 52 percent of U.S. consumer package goods spending (and that’ll be 55 percent in 3 years).

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END UP LIKE Google, Facebook and Apple, and Craft a Company Mantra to Live By

“Don’t be evil.” “Move fast with stable infrastructure.” “Think different.”

What exactly are these? Google’s, Facebook’s and Apple’s company mantras.

Mantra includes a few definitions, however the most popular one is a word or sound repeated to assist concentration in meditation. The Sanskrit definition means a thought behind a word or action.

Related: Craft a Cultural-Identity Message That Employees Would want to Repeat

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END UP LIKE Eric Church. Concentrate on Your First Few Fanatics for a Big-Time Payoff.

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

An enormous victory occurred for all entrepreneurs when Eric Church released his new album, Mr. Misunderstood, on Nov. 4 at the united states Music Awards. Secretly, he released it your day before to members of his fan club, and it didn’t hit the iTunes music store until following the show began.

His fan club members, affectionately referred to as the Church Choir, received the album with a surprise snail-mail package. The album was even along with a handwritten note from Church. The release was an enormous success, selling 71,000 copies in the first 30 hours of availability alone and to arrive at number 3 in the Billboard Top 100.

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END UP LIKE That Great College Roommate. Build Brand Loyalty in 4 Ways.

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

What’s the difference between an excellent friend and an excellent friend?

A good friend and I used to joke a good friend will need your call in the center of the night, escape bed and bail you out of jail. An excellent friend, however, will be sitting next for you in the detention cell saying, "Damn, that was fun."

While mentioned in jest, the analogy between great friends and companies shouldn’t be lost on entrepreneurs. Way too many startups create a brand and a culture by combining a catchy trademark, a buzzword-filled vision and an eye-popping color scheme, but skip the big picture. Instead, concentrate on developing your company’s customer relationships much as you’ll foster a friendship — not really a good friendship, but an excellent friendship.

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Be Memorable By Creating YOUR OWN PRIVATE Connection Story

Perhaps you have ever been forgotten by someone you’ve met before? If so, you then know how much that may sting. How do they forget you, when you remember them?

To make sure this doesn’t eventually you, Amanda Marko, a strategic communications consultant, says to be armed with your personal "personal connection story." Basically, it’s an individual story or anecdote you can utilize soon after you’ve met someone new that illustrates who you are and everything you do within an entertaining way.)

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BECOME MORE Efficient in Your Business With These 4 Tips

Here’s how exactly to stay ahead of your rivals.

Jeff Bezos will probably be worth vast amounts of dollars, yet he gets the same 24 hours open to him each day that people all have. Ironically, time is actually the one thing Amazon doesn’t sell — for the present time, at least.

So, how does Bezos or any successful entrepreneur accomplish a lot more than the average indivdual? Many entrepreneurs make mistakes initially, don’t possess laser-sharp focus and get beaten by their competition. It happens, and honestly, you need to be prepared to have a few losses before you taste victory.

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Be Meticulous About Your Investor Funnel to accomplish Funding Success

Fundraising is similar to sales – it really is numbers game, in fact it is best attacked with a solid funnel. As a founder you concentrate on first identifying the proper investors, then getting introductions and lastly working through the funnel with each investor.

You can manage the procedure using two spreadsheets, one for potential investors and the next for the investors you are speaking with.


Getting introductions.

Setup these columns for the first spreadsheet:

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BECOME MORE Persuasive by Answering These 3 Questions

Presentations are polarizing. Either you like them, or you hate them. As a presenter, your speech will firmly plant you in the minds of your audience as an excellent speaker and you to definitely remember, or as an unhealthy presenter and a person who ought to be overlooked. Presentations could make or break you. The next speech can help your individual brand, your career, as well as your business…or not.

To stack the deck on your side, it’s likely you’ll be remembered when there is action after your presentation. When you can make your presentation the catalyst for continue on an effective project or by igniting personal change in your audience members, you then have a foothold on the idea that you will be someone worth hearing.

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Be My Valentine: Robotics Relationships 101

Incorporating robots into your operation is something similar to bringing aboard an extremely exotic new hire.

In the event that you ask whoever has ever experienced a relationship to spell it out what it’s like, the answer is often “it’s complicated.” Relationships of most kinds are complicated, which explains why we read among the thousands of books about them or turn to experts in the field for advice. But, what goes on when the partnership isn’t with a human, but with a robot?

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