3 Ecommerce Companies Rocking Their CUSTOMER SUPPORT

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Customer support is definitely a deal breaker or deal maker for some businesses. Regardless of how cool your products are or just how many deals you offer, your customer support representatives will determine the sale at the ultimate stage.

It wouldn’t be too much off the mark to state that customer support affects the success, reputation, and popularity of your company. These three companies recognize the need for customer support, especially being in the e-commerce sector, where there may be no face-to-face human interaction. They offer great service and also have raving reviews showing for this.

So without further ado, let’s see which companies are dethroning Amazon and Zappos from their customer support leadership.

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Swanson Health Products was founded in 1969 as a mail-order business and is continuing to grow to be just about the most popular global commerce companies. They sell vitamins and natural supplements online. The Swanson lines boast indigenous and exotic health products, that are not only of top quality but also competitively priced.

Just this past year, the business was ranked among the very best 25 companies with the very best customer support. The title was awarded by StellaService after comparing several online and brick-and-mortar companies predicated on the next factors: in-store service, phone service, email service, chatting, shipping, and return policies.

Swanson values your time and effort. Response times are six to 12 hours on email and one-and-a-half to two minutes on calls. However they boast a year-long return policy for some items. The effect: they are running a business for nearly half of a century but still going strong where other businesses in the same segment failed.

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Firmoo is gradually finding its way into people’s hearts. The web optic store is breaking the Luxottica eyeglass monopoly with several customers rooting for the brand new underdog. While Firmoo offers great quality glasses at most reasonable prices, the very best part about their business is they have an incredible, responsive customer support team.

They are popular on Facebook too, with over 570,000 fans! They involve some very good reviews on Trustpilot and ResellerRatings. They have 106 reviews on Trustpilot with the average rating of 7.2 and 31 reviews on ResellerRatings with the average rating of 9.09, virtually all praising their customer support, but let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth:

CUSTOMER SUPPORT — best from the four online glasses sites I ordered from. When someone could make you are feeling like you’re the ONLY customer they have right now, that’s personalized service. I asked questions via FB messages, and on two occasions, it had been just about a live speak to a rep who provided REAL fixes, without the "generic" answers mass online companies have a tendency to give.

I also discovered several blogs, videos and reviews raving about Firmoo, which led me with their blogging policy. They employ a transparent blogger network that provides free eyewear for reviews. They have explicitly asked for honest reviews upon this page, so bloggers are absolve to reveal bad encounters, if any. However, after reading some 30 roughly reviews and the comments from readers, I possibly could easily see why many people are starting to warm up to Firmoo’s customer support.

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Moda Operandi.

While Swanson and Firmoo have a cost benefit to influence and sway their customer ratings, Moda Operandi, an online luxury retail brand, does not have any such advantage. They offer high-end items which masses can’t or won’t buy. Even though, they have over 500 reviews on TrustPilot with the average rating of 8.8 with many favorable reviews:

I ordered a pricey outfit on Moda Operandi. It arrived promptly, in excellent condition, and packaged in a superior quality MO garment bag. While you are paying lots of money for clothing, it really is nice to see customer support go the excess mile to package things nicely. (Trustpilot)

Moda Operandi is wowing its customers by giving them personal stylists who can grab fresh designs off the runway. They have revived a bygone era by performing a version of trunk show online. They provide a post-runway-shopping experience direct to the customer’s door.

In addition, it provides concierge services by coupling their web store with concierge-like services in its London store. Not just that, they have fitted their store with Louis XVI-style chairs and midcentury furniture which makes customers feel privileged.

The mix of amazing online and offline services makes Moda Operandi among the best customer services providers in the retail segment. Lauren Santo Domingo, the co-founder of the business believes not in selling to customers however in respecting their customers. “We help a female buy once and purchase correctly. We don’t encourage impulse buys," he says. "We really respect her, take her seriously and understand her wardrobe.”

It really is great to see that increasingly more e-commerce companies are following in the road of Amazon and Zappos! Each one of these businesses demonstrate the worthiness of exceeding their traditional duty and going far beyond to provide exceptional customer s