3 Easy Methods to Attract More Customers Fast

Looking forward to more business? Just use any or many of these three simple solutions to begin attracting more business now.

1. Run a flash sale.

If you’re hurting for customers right this very minute, and in sore need of cash, try among these fast-cash methods:

  • Retailers could put an enormous colorful register the window saying “Flash Sale – 3 Hours Only! Starts at 10 AM Tomorrow”. Change your day and the length to match, but a Flash Sale can’t last greater than a day if you wish any credibility. Buy a couple of balloons your day before and your day of.
  • Professional Service Businesses – put a “Flash Sale” on your own website – “Get yourself a FREE 10-Minute Consultation with ” Whether you’re an attorney, a therapist, a psychic or a publicist, a free of charge 10-Minute Consultation ought to be followed up by an offer: get all of those other first hour for (25% off? 50% off?) As the saying goes, “SWALLOW DOWN YOUR Pride and Step Inside”. After they sample your wisdom, they’ll have to buy.
  • Home Services Business – Constitute a flyer that says property owners will get your services at 10-20-50% off If indeed they call your “special” number and order services within a day to getting the flyer. Own it printed on blue paper – and become clear in what your service is. Add a few testimonials from happy customers. The next time you’re in a neighborhood, put twelve flyers on the neighbors’ doors (where permitted) – that’s just 3 houses in each direction of the main one you’ve been employed in. Of course, you may prefer to get lenient about when those a day actually began.

A ”flash sale” gets you immediate attention and creates a memorable event in the customers’ subconscious minds. For more brand building ideas, just click here.

2. Give something free of charge.

Seems counter-intuitive, right? You will need money flowing in, not time and/or merchandise flowing out. But people love getting stuff free of charge, so why not make sure they are happy? Shop around – are you experiencing anything you could hand out? Here are several ideas:

  • Free samples of your product
  • An ebook or a booklet or a workbook
  • A little scholarship to an area kid
  • A food basket to a family group in need
  • One free class in your studio
  • A supplementary add-on service that you usually charge for

When offering something free, it will have a reasonably high perceived value to the client, cost you little or nothing to provide, and be branded together with your company name, contact number and website.

A few examples:

  • A boutique pet store could bake or have someone bake up a batch of doggie cookies; you could tie them with pink or blue ribbons and put a big register your window that week/month/today only, every dog that will come in gets a free of charge hand-crafted doggie biscuit.
  • An electronic retailer who specializes in t-shirts could announce that “Everyone who orders today gets a free of charge tie-dyed headband” and turn a few of your cotton t-shirts into headbands.
  • A family group law attorney could produce an 8-minute downloadable audio called, “The Ten MOST SIGNIFICANT Things YOU HAVE TO KNOW Before Choosing a Divorce Attorney”. Or it might just be a straightforward .pdf.

When you give something away, you activate the “Law of Reciprocity”. This ancient law is embedded in the human psyche. In the event that you give me something, I’m subtly obliged to reciprocate at another appropriate opportunity. For more brand building ideas, come to the Brand Building Round Table.

3. Spark the attention of your visitors and create some noise.

The more fanfare, media attention, customer attention you can aquire, the more clients you will attract. Among the best actions you can take, alone or in conjunction with the above strategies, is to accomplish a thing that gets immediate media attention. The secret to getting media is, partly, looking like you’re not necessarily looking to get media. Journalists hate to feel used – I used to be one.

Try doing some big, splashy, definitely not expensive thng in your community. Supply the media fair warning, because, well, in the end, it does make an excellent story when you:

  • Opt to donate all of the flowers unsold in your florist’s shop towards the end of each week to the neighborhood old folks’ home.
  • Corral several teenagers and lure them into picking right up trash on Main Street in substitution for a free of charge…whatever you can provide them.
  • Whenever your small private painting company decides to volunteer to repaint the general public playground or the fence around the park.
  • You run a contest in the neighborhood schools and the winner in each school wins a bike, or a free of charge dinner because of their family, or…in return for writing an essay about why they love your town, etc.

Of course, you’ll want to invite the mayor and any other big wig you can aquire your hands to drop, shake your hand and perhaps even grab some litter herself. And in the event that you don’t know for several the journalists will be there, it’s pretty inexpensive to hire a photographer and a video cameraperson and share that photo with the neighborhood and regional papers. Put the footage on your own site, on your own YouTube channel, you’re obtaining the idea.

Sometimes, small enterprises get so mired in the task and the strain of business ownership, they forget there are vast amounts of innovative creative methods to attract more customers – a lot of which cost hardly any money.

If you want these and you want more – come to the FREE Brand Building for ONLINE BUSINESS Round Table. You’ll get yourself a chance to ask questions and connect to small company marketing strategist We