3 Easy Methods for getting More from your own Brand’s B2B Content

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

Delivering engaging, relevant content may be the name of the overall game at this time in marketing. Interestingly enough, as marketers center their efforts and investment on content-driven activities, most have a problem with article marketing. According to a 2015 study by Content Marketing Institute, 54 percent of B2B marketers and 50 percent of B2C marketers cited “producing engaging content” as a high challenge. It has been a consistent trend for days gone by five years.

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Like many areas of marketing, content isn’t typically something you win with immediately. A ensure that you measure approach can help you know very well what topics and content types resonate most together with your audience. There is indeed much great information out there on building for the customer journey, writing for buyer personas and developing content for specific channels. Research your options and get smart about article marketing. When you begin to see results from your own efforts, follow these three simple actions to expand your success because they build on what works.

1. Turn to leverage.

You’ll want to leverage your very best performing content. For long form pieces such as for example white papers or brochures, consider taking out sound bites to use as the building blocks for social media graphics. You should use these posts to operate a vehicle back again to your document and expand its engagement. Should you be developing video assets and webinars, a terrific way to leverage those is to take short clips from your own assets and utilize them within a social video strategy. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchap all enable video posting, and vast amounts of people are watching each day.

According to a 2016 survey by the net Marketing Video Council, 61 percent of companies are using video as a marketing tool. The prior year, 66 percent of these businesses weren’t using video at all. There is absolutely no doubt that companies are quickly embracing video within their marketing strategies, and with justification — 72 percent of businesses using video say it has increased website conversions and 75 percent of most internet traffic is likely to result from video.

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Another smart way to leverage your articles is to take into account developing your articles with a modular approach right away. For instance, at Yeager we have now build our client’s infographics in a modular style which allows parts of the piece to easily be repurposed for social sharing.

2. Get creative about recreating.

Recreating content is about changing up the format. It’s an opportunity to get creative and also have some fun together with your existing assets. For instance, if you had a good post that engaged readers, consider how areas of the blog could possibly be reimagined as a podcast. Perchance you could interview a number of experts on this issue and go deeper on the problems, attracting a fresh, broader audience with reduced effort. The same approach will continue to work in case you have a podcast or webcast already recorded. Consider writing a blog from the podcast or webcast content which may be attractive to your subscribers.

You may also recreate your articles by taking written types of content and turning them into more graphical, top-of-the-funnel style assets. Distill the main element messages into core ideas and consider creating an infographic or ebook format.

I mentioned earlier about building modular infographics. These elements aren’t only ideal for social media, however they can create a good foundation for an ebook which can be built out with less effort than beginning with scratch. We’ve also had clients use these graphics for event signage, within presentations and in other creative ways.

3. Be considered a builder.

Building on your own existing content assets is an excellent way to extend the worthiness of a topic. Focus on your best performing blogs, and think about ways to expand on those topics. Going deeper into a number of aspects of this issue, providing updated information and statistics or demonstrating a use case, are great ways to make this happen. You might find a post by another person which has a different perspective on your own topics — reveal it and defend your situation. Also consider refuting your original post. Maybe your ideas have changed — and that’s perfectly fine. Discuss your original post, why you now think differently and offer reasons for your brand-new perspective. These kinds of posts could be content gold!

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By leveraging this content your audience loves, getting creative about recreating your articles and building on strong topics, any business will get the most out of their content investment and grow their reach. Whether you’re a savvy marketer just seeking to get more from your own existing material or a company that’s beginning with scratch, following these three principles can help you create the fantastic content that drives audience engagement.